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Welcome to IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto Training Competition-Prep Coaching. Please complete the Benfatto Training Assessment Profile to hire a professional Competition-Prep Coach to prepare you for your next big sports game, contest, match, meet, tournament, or championship.

Team Benfatto is ready to guide you to victory. Are you ready? Select your preferred coach. State your goal. Bring your best. Consultations are managed by Francis Benfatto’s sports agent/manager ACCSELerator Andrew Oye.

Benfatto Enterprises' Competition-Prep Coaching Terms of Service:

Benfatto Training Competition-Prep Coaching professionals want you to be as committed to your success as we are. With that in mind, please be completely sure about your decision, as there are absolutely NO refunds under any circumstances for fees paid to hire one of our coaches. By submitting a payment, you acknowledge that you have thoroughly read and fully accept our complete Benfatto Enterprises' Competition-Prep Coaching Terms of Service.

Benfatto Enterprises makes no promises or guarantees as to how the Competition-Prep Coaching services will affect the results of your upcoming competition. Ultimately, only you are responsible for your success and how you fare in the competition.

Benfatto Training Competition-Prep Coaching professionals merely offer motivational and tactical advice that you willingly accept or reject based on your own volition. You understand that we make no claims to medical expertise. You agree that it is your responsibility to be currently under the supervision of a licensed physician who is responsible for your medical care and dispensing professional medical advice to you.

You acknowledge that the fee collected from you is only in exchange for coaching services during the contest-prep period. You currently and forever thereafter have no legal claim to any other service, product, compensation, responsibility, duty, or obligation from Benfatto Enterprises or any of its associates to you.

You (and your company, associates and relatives) completely and unequivocally absolve Benfatto Enterprises and all of its companies, divisions, employees, associates and their relatives, now and in perpetuity, from any and all forms of liability, culpability or responsibility for your health, life, death, injury, property, livelihood, career, reputation, financial or legal ramifications, personal choices or any other major or minor loss or expense you may incur.

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