Legendary IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto’s Benfatto Enterprises + Benfatto PPM Welcome Andrew Oye, Global

Legendary IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto’s Benfatto Enterprises + Benfatto PPM Welcome Andrew Oye, Global Director of Creative Services + Marketing. Billionaire UHNW Management + Billionaire Lifestyle Coaching, to Team Benfatto | Sports Marketing, Sports Agent + Manager

Benfatto Enterprises: A Global Leader in Lifestyle Enhancement.

Benfatto Enterprises is excited to welcome Andrew Oye on board the team as our Global Director of Creative Services and Marketing. We are pleased to partner with Andrew Oye Creative Services to bring his boundless creativity, marketing expertise and knack for athlete and talent promotions to the Benfatto family.

A creative strategist and consultant, Andrew is a media-sports-entertainment executive, creative director, marketing professional, entrepreneur, Hollywood screenwriter, director, producer, author, novelist, journalist, and playwright.

In the entertainment industry, Andrew develops projects for print, television, film, stage, and digital media. In the marketing industry, he provides creative services to companies, creating concepts, content, campaigns, communications, and creative materials for promotion and branding. In the sports and fitness industries, he develops projects to promote wellness, enhance lifestyle, and steer athlete and talent management.

A graduate of Stanford University (Masters in Communications-Journalism) and Vanderbilt University (Bachelors in Human and Organizational Development), Andrew founded two sports-and-entertainment lifestyle brands: MUSCLE INK® and Pro Athletes Rep. He has worked at production companies, magazine publishers, marketing firms, talent agencies, and sports-nutrition brands (with stints at VIBE Magazine, Wilhelmina Agency, Edelman PR, Simon & Schuster, and Quest Nutrition).

A fitness trainer, he interned at the Vanderbilt Sports Medicine Clinic and is the author of The One-Minute Workout: Real Deal Fitness & Nutrition, sharing a practical message for healthy living, motivation and sports psychology. As a columnist, his work has been featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Bodybuilding.com, BUILT Magazine, Generation Iron Media and Planet Muscle Magazine.

With an expertise in sports marketing, Andrew Oye manages creative and communications and sports agents services for IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto, creator of Progressive Performance Methodology (Benfatto PPM), CEO of Benfatto Nutrition. professional bodybuilding legend, physique icon and Master Fitness Trainer. As a fitness-media journalist and pro bodybuilding expert columnist, Andrew Oye covered Benfatto during his IFBB Pro League days in the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness, featuring the man known as “The Sphinx” in his column Andrew Oye’s Pro Muscle Report, and Andrew Oye’s Pro Athletes Roundup, and his classic posing series “Art of War.” Visit www.Francis-Benfatto.com

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” — Mahatma Gandhi

A creative visionary and media maestro, Andrew is also known as The ACCSELerator: Advanced Creative Consultant in Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle. He is the Global Director of Creative Services and Marketing for Billionaire UHNW Management and Billionaire Lifestyle Coaching, partners of Benfatto Enterprises that offer bespoke luxury services for our UHNW ultra-high-net-worth individuals, corporate executive clientele and professional sports star athletes. Visit www.uhnw.eu.

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Francis Benfatto, CEO of Benfatto Enterprises, CEO of Benfatto Nutrition (BN), Creator of Benfatto Progressive Performance Methodology (Benfatto PPM), Billionaire UHNW Management Consultant, Billionaire Lifestyle Coach, Global Wellness Leader, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Classic Bodybuilding Legend, Physique Icon. | www.Francis-Benfatto.com

Francis Benfatto is represented by Andrew Oye, Creative Services. Andrew Oyé, Global Director of Creative Services + Marketing (ACCSELerator: Advanced Creative Consultant in Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle). | Andrew Oye Creative Services

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