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Legendary IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto’s Benfatto Enterprises + Benfatto PPM Join Forces With Billionai

Legendary IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto’s Benfatto Enterprises + Benfatto PPM Join Forces With Billionaire UHNW Management + Billionaire Lifestyle Coaching

Benfatto Enterprises: A Global Leader in Lifestyle Enhancement.

Billionaire UHNW Management has partnered with IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto, legendary pro bodybuilder, lifestyle coach, Master Fitness Trainer, CEO of Benfatto Enterprises and Benfatto Nutrition, and creator of Benfatto Progressive Performance Methodology (PPM), to bring his expertise to the consulting agency’s menu of luxury services for billionaires, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, corporate clients and professional athletes.

Available worldwide for consultation via Billionaire Lifestyle Coaching, Francis Benfatto’s exclusive PPM method of training inspires total integration of both body and soul. Billionaire UHNW Management’s Global Director of Creative Services and Marketing Andrew Oye Creative Services (ACCSELerator) manages sports-marketing efforts for Billionaire and Francis Benfatto Enterprises. Visit

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” —Mahatma Gandhi

According to Billionaire UHNW Management’s CEO Andre Perry, the joint goal is to quite simply transform clients’ lives, physically, mentally, and fiscally, as the agency takes a holistic approach to wellness . Benfatto and Adele Van Straaten from Benfatto Training & Lifestyle Coaching, pioneers of the A.R.T and PPM training systems, merges with the team at Billionaire Lifestyle Coaching to provide the finest lifestyle coaching available globally, incorporating the world’s finest advisors and bespoke nutritional supplementation tailored to ensure clients live the lifestyle they deserve. Contact Billionaire UHNW at

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Francis Benfatto, CEO of Benfatto Enterprises, CEO of Benfatto Nutrition (BN), Creator of Benfatto Progressive Performance Methodology (Benfatto PPM), Billionaire UHNW Management Consultant, Billionaire Lifestyle Coach, Global Wellness Leader, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Classic Bodybuilding Legend, Physique Icon.

Francis Benfatto is represented by Andrew Oye, Creative Services. Andrew Oyé, Global Director of Creative Services + Marketing (ACCSELerator: Advanced Creative Consultant in Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle). | Andrew Oye Creative Services

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